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Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ is a martial arts technique that is based on leverage and strategies to beat a stronger and bigger opponent.  The main focus is on the grappling and ground fighting to achieve a dominant position.  BJJ is excellent to instill discipline in all levels, BJJ was developed by the Gracie Family and is being practiced with professional Mixed Martial Arts (MMS) fighters all over the world. It is also popular with military and law enforcement groups.

A major part of each BJJ training is on the mat to grapple or spar with an opponent. The objective is to let the opponent submit through the use of chokes or joint locks. The choke or joint lock is applied to the point where the opponent “taps out”  to indicate that they are uncomfortable and thus “give up” the fight.

Constant practice in this kind of scenario, a BJJ trainee or practitioner will be able to condition themselves to understand conflict avoidance, the mechanics of self-defense, and the psychology of fighting.  This will also make them aware of how to act and react in a way to increases chances of survival in a situation.

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Jiu-jitsu For Women

Jiu-jitsu For Women

Jiu-jitsu For Women

Jiu-jitsu For Women

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