Adult Advanced Classes (Gi and No Gi)

Consists of rolling or live training and drilling moves.  This is designed for people with more experience. This class can help improve competition game skills with advanced techniques. Students start the class with working and rolling techniques then onto mat practice towards the end of the class.

Are you looking for martial arts that promise to put you in peak physical form while at the same time giving you self-defense skills?  These are all possible when you enroll in a class at RYSK BJJ School.

RYSK BJJ School is handled by a black-belt instructor who will see to it that you get an extreme workout packed with classic BJJ moves.  As you are experiencing grappling on the mat, you will learn to be a pro and deliver those inescapable submission holds!  While this is happening on the mat, you will be losing calories and building those muscles! Whatever the goal is – to learn practical self-defense, lose weight or even become a black belter, RYSK BJJ School has the right program for you.

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Jiu-jitsu For Women

Jiu-jitsu For Women

Jiu-jitsu For Women